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What is the service good for and how does it work?
If you have a website, it is crawled not only by search engines, but in the worst case also by spammers. If your email address is in plain text on your source code of your webpage, the spammer will save it in his list and send you many spam mails.

If you encrypt your email address with our service, the spammers job is more difficult, because he can not read your email address so easily. The encryption is not visible to normal visitors and does not restrict the use of your website. The email address is decrypted directly in the browser of the visitor using javascript. This procedure is supported by all browsers.

Are the entered email addresses stored?
No, by no means! We want to help you to provide your email address securely, encrypted and only for human readable and not for computers. Our goal is not to reach through our service to email addresses, which we resell or use ourselves for the dispatch of spam.

Is my email address by the generated code now on my webpage to 100% safe before spam?
As well as. We can not guarantee that a computer program, which is in search of email addresses, will not recognize our code and can not read out your email address. But we are convinced from our own experience that our method is very effective and offers the greatest possible protection! It is certainly safer than if you put your email address in plain text on your website.